Spiritually-guided business owners want freedom with ease as they become more conscious in our not-so-conscious world. They desire to make a difference in the world and create purposeful abundance through their business. And they draw inspiration from a greater power even as they intuitively draw on the inner strength and natural gifts of their Divine Self.

The Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner provides the roadmap to achieve these principled goals. It is built on a framework of four “pillars”: Mindset, Beliefs, Purpose/Passion/Principles, and The Creative Process. The four pillars create the foundation for “The Spiritual Operating System” (SOS), a system that expands and supports your current business model.

In this article, we’ll explore Purpose, Passion, and Principles and how they create a powerful driving force to propel your prosperity so you can easily attain the freedom you yearn for.


To activate your prosperity, you need to be on solid footing. As noted in the posts on the first two pillars, your Mindset and Beliefs are critical to putting you on the right path. But even though your mindset and beliefs can get you moving in the right direction, your progress toward reaching your success potential may be slow unless you add the powerful fuel of Purpose, Passion, and Principles, three essential drivers sparked by your soul gifts to accelerate your forward motion.


Purpose: The “Soul” of Your Business

Do you have a strong sense of purpose? Or are you still searching and yearning and struggling to find what you are meant to do? Each of us has unlimited potential and it is our obligation to use the talents, skills, gifts, and resources we’ve been divinely given to reach that potential and contribute to the world in whatever way is right for us. Knowing your unique talents and energetic soul gifts is the key to finding your purpose.

How powerful is a sense of purpose? Author Harry Beckwith has said that “People don’t lead; purposes do.” At its core, your purpose aligns with the “Why” of your business. In fact, it is the reason you created your business. On the other hand, purpose has nothing to do with the ‘how’ of your business. Nor does it define your niche or involve money. What a strong sense of purpose does do, within the boundaries of your principles, is create passion. Thus, it is an essential driver for progress and prosperity.


Passion: An Energetic Driving Force that Comes from Your Innate Soul Gifts

What brings you joy? What gets your fire burning? What causes you to get up in the morning and say, “Yes, I say YES to life!”

If you can immediately answer these questions, you may already have a clear vision of what you are passionate about. If not, dig a little deeper: Are you excited by what you do? Do you work not only with a sense of purpose, but also from a place of deep passion? In other words, do you care so deeply about what you do that you feel compelled to do it – with or without the promise of financial reward?

If not, don’t despair; it could be that you’ve simply not given yourself permission to do what you truly care about. Sometimes, your passion is obvious and on the surface. Other times, it lies just beneath and is easily within reach. But sometimes, finding your passion takes a little more soul searching. Give yourself permission to search within, to ask the tough questions, and to be honest with yourself, even if you feel vulnerable in the process.

It might help to think of passion as both a fundamental element – and a natural outcome – of your energy. In her TED Talk on “The Power of Human Energy,” Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry and former Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores for Apple said, “We breathe. We all take in and we all exhale air. I believe we also all take in and we all emit energy. Very few leaders talk about it and even fewer have mastered it, but when you find it, energy is like discovering your passion, listening to it, exploring it. It’s like this forward-charging spirit that creates challenges and embraces those changes and challenges … So, think of energy almost like an emotional electricity. It has a powerful way of uniting ordinary people, their collective spirit, to do extraordinary things.”

Just like energy drives movement, the energetic soul gifts of your passion can drive change, progress, and prosperity.


Principles: Defining Who You Are and What Matters Most

Even after you’ve discovered and aligned your soul’s purpose with passion, prosperity is less certain if your actions are not also aligned with a solid set of principles. What do you value? What level of excellence do you demand? What do you stand for? Your principles are often deeply rooted in your soul. Because they are so ingrained in who you are, they can be difficult to articulate. But recognizing and emphasizing your principles are key to finding your power and activating your prosperity.

Principles go beyond your own personal moral compass. Every company has a soul, too. Every company has a distinct set of values that colors its priorities and behaviors. And a company’s values are revealed in the behavior which defines its culture – that unwritten, unspoken, acceptable way the business is run. For your business to be great, it must first know who it is. Ultimately, a company is defined by its Core Values which are, naturally, influenced and nurtured by the values of its leader. For a business to succeed, its principles must be so practical that people with different viewpoints can carry out the depths of those principles.

To influence and instill the core values that define a company, the spiritually-guided business owner will be able to create a bridge and a clear path between Human Values and Traditional Business Values:


Human Values >>> Business Values
·   Unconditional Love

·   Support

·   Empathy

·   Compassion

·   Presence

·   Caring

·   Generosity

·   Courage

·   Integrity

·   Healing

·   Happiness & Joy

·   Holistic Wellbeing

·   Connection to Spirit

·   Faith

·   Leadership

·   Perseverance

·   Strategy

·   Teamwork

·   Communication

·   Excellence

·   Loyalty

·   Profit

·   Will to Win

·   Accountability

·   Customer Service



The Bottom Line:

The Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner is built on a framework of four “pillars.” Mindset and Beliefs are essential to beginning the journey toward prosperity, but it is the power of Purpose, Passion, and Principles that provide momentum toward meaningful change. These three essential soul-gift factors work hand in hand to strengthen the foundation of success. Think of them as equal parts of a three-legged stool, each necessary to the strength of the platform.

To learn more about how to identify your purpose, passion, and principles, or to explore how the Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner can empower you to activate your prosperity and easily attain the freedom you yearn for, contact me at 405.773.9139 or email me at [email protected]. If you’d like to find out how aligned your business is with your natural soul’s gifts and talents, click here to get your free Energetic Analysis.


Susan Prescott

Business Intuitive, Facilitator, Mentor, Guide, and Certified Coach


About Susan and Optimal Outcomes:

In 2001, Susan created Optimal Outcomes to help others activate their prosperity and live with purpose and abundance. Throughout her professional career, as she made strides in her own journey, she discovered many of her clients yearned for something more in their lives, too. Something meaningful. Something fulfilling. Something rewarding, both personally and financially.

That’s what Optimal Outcomes is all about: helping you discover and utilize your unique soul gifts and talents to enhance everyday life and empower your business success. Susan’s Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner makes this possible by activating the Four Pillars that can set you on a life-changing and prosperous path.