Spiritually-guided business owners want freedom with ease as they become more conscious in our not-so-conscious world. They desire to make a difference in the world and create purposeful abundance through their business. And they draw inspiration from a greater power even as they intuitively draw on the inner strength and natural gifts of their Divine Self.

The Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner provides the roadmap to achieve these principled goals. It is built on a framework of four “pillars”: Mindset, Beliefs, Purpose/Passion/Principles, and The Creative Process. The four pillars create the foundation for “The Spiritual Operating System” (SOS), a system that expands and supports your current business model.

In this article, we’ll explore Mindset and how it serves as the crucial first Pillar empowering you to activate your prosperity and easily attain the freedom you yearn for.


Just what is a mindset anyway? Is it merely the thoughts you process every day? Or is it something deeper, something essential and profound that can help put you on the path to a better future? The answer lies somewhere in the middle, but here’s a good fundamental definition we can use as a starting point:

A mindset can be your attitude or disposition or mood (all of which can be positive or negative, helpful or hurtful, productive or counterproductive), but it can also be an inclination or intention.

I like to think of mindset in its more constructive aspect, that of positive intent. But before we can understand and appreciate this perspective, it helps to understand typical counterproductive mindsets:


Common Unproductive Mindsets

For many (and probably most) people, their prevailing mindset, their default outlook on life, is driven by external power and paradigms. At one time in our evolution, this external power was necessary for survival. Now, however, external power factors produce only violence and destruction between individuals and nations. Among the common negative and unproductive beliefs that limit us are these:

  • We are limited human beings living in a physical universe
  • We are controlled by “external power.” This is a belief that one must manipulate and control in order to feel safe or worthy.
  • To have more, someone else must have less. It’s “fight or flight.” We must beat the competition!
  • We must achieve the “almighty profit” at all costs. “The end justifies the means.”


Dangers of an External Power Mindset

Many people will cling to the old ways of crawling and fighting up the ladder of success. They believe the only way to win is crushing whoever and whatever they believe to be their competition. While it’s possible they might succeed in their pursuit of power and profit, the negative consequences could be extreme.

Therefore, the first lesson we must embrace is that the world will never be set up in the way we want it. The more we try to manipulate the world, the more frustrated and upset we will become. This acquiescence to external power means we forfeit our true potential power and become powerless.

Feeling powerless can make you angry, jealous, and resentful. It can make you feel inferior or drive you to become judgmental in your desire to feel superior. It can make you eat or drink too much. It can lead to addictions: shopping, gambling, drugs, or watching pornography. It can transform you into a workaholic. Worst of all, it can rob your sense of freedom, peace, and joy.


Essential Foundations for Changing Your Mindset

Recognizing the dangers of the external power mindset is the first step toward overcoming it. The next step is adopting six assumptions that make a positive intent mindset possible:

  1. We are energy beings living in a vibrational universe
  2. We are creative beings who can manifest our more positive reality by co-creating with our Divine Presence
  3. Everything we create or manifest begins with a thought. What’s more, thoughts lead to beliefs and beliefs lead to action.
  4. We live in a world of duality, a world of opposites. When our thoughts focus on the negative, we produce negative results, but when we focus on the positive, we produce positive results.
  5. We can be driven either by external power or by our authentic power
  6. We always have a choice. It is called “free will.”

The key to positively changing your mindset and adopting your authentic power is in knowing that the Universe has your back! You have direct access to a presence far greater than you – some may call this presence God, a Divine Source, or a Christ consciousness; others simply call it their intuition.

Developing and trusting this connection is the key to activating the freedom, ease, and prosperity you seek in your business. Simply put, you can’t make paradigm shifts without this connection.

The problem is that almost everyone has forgotten the source of their power. They have forgotten the good that lies within them and have forgotten how to access it and the empowerment they seek.


How to Change Course and Adopt a More Productive Mindset

Creating a new mindset demands setting course for a new destination: your authentic power. This requires being on the right path and following the right map. Reaching milestones on this journey requires understanding the following:

  • The old structure is based on competition and scarcity while the new structure is based on partnership principles and the sharing of resources.
  • The old structure comes from a male-dominated mindset operating out of the fight-or-flight mode. The new structure, on the other hand, is no longer the survival of the fittest; it is the survival of the wisest. It requires balancing male and female qualities.
  • The new structure demands shifting from a me-first “I” mentality to an inner dependence.
  • This new mindset embraces the truth that the Universe is abundant and there is more than enough
  • The new mindset becomes possible when you step into your empowered self, your true self, your authentic It is in your authentic power where all things are possible.
  • Embracing your authentic self calls for re-aligning your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions with who you were created to be. Some call this a “conscious awakening.” It is awakening to the truth of who you really are and all you are capable of.
  • Everyone has within them the greatest resource on earth. We have direct access to the creator source because we are each an extension of the creator source.

When you align with this creator source, you will know that you are blessed, that you are loved, and that you came to earth to joyously create. You will be on the right course and doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. You will be manifesting the life you came here to live. You will be fulfilling your heart’s desire. You will live your life with purpose. Of course, you may stumble along the way, but you will not fall.

We were not designed to live in poverty or fear. So, once you embrace this power that dwells in each and every one of us, it will lead you to the prosperity and freedom you seek. You will be amazed at the ease with which this becomes possible.


The Bottom Line:

The Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner is built on a framework of four “pillars.” Adopting a constructive mindset is the essential first-level pillar for lasting success. A mindset of positive intent enables you to escape the common and limiting perspective of external power. It makes it possible to connect to a creator source and align with your authentic self. Developing and trusting this connection is the key to activating the freedom, ease, and paradigm-shifting prosperity you seek in your business.

To learn more about how to create a new mindset, or to explore how the Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner can empower you to activate your prosperity and easily attain the freedom you yearn for, contact me at 405.773.9139 or email me at [email protected]. If you’d like to find out how aligned your business is with your natural soul’s gifts and talents, click here to get your free Energetic Analysis.


Susan Prescott

Business Intuitive, Facilitator, Mentor, Guide, and Certified Coach


About Susan and Optimal Outcomes:

In 2001, Susan created Optimal Outcomes to help others activate their prosperity and live with purpose and abundance. Throughout her professional career, as she made strides in her own journey, she discovered many of her clients yearned for something more in their lives, too. Something meaningful. Something fulfilling. Something rewarding, both personally and financially.

That’s what Optimal Outcomes is all about: helping you discover and utilize your unique soul gifts and talents to enhance everyday life and empower your business success. Susan’s Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner makes this possible by activating the Four Pillars that can set you on a life-changing and prosperous path.