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What Does "Alignment" Mean?

When we are in a state of alignment, there is a natural flow of vital force energy through us from Source and a deeper connection to our Higher Self and Spirit Guide Teams. When we are in alignment with Divine Source (which some call God), we become the Divine creators of our own experience, through free will and choice. It means taking full responsibility for all your experiences. The choices you make create your reality.

Can an Energetic Analysis be conducted for a business with partners?

The reading is done based on the intentions and soul gifts of the primary partner owning at least 51% of the business.  All partners should be in agreement as to the financial intentions.

I do not own my business. Can I still receive a Soul Profile reading to learn my soul talents and energy gifts?

Absolutely. Contact me and I will respond with the information required, details about the reading, and the payment required. You can also discover how you are blocking your true self-expression that is interfering with your creative energy.

How do you access the information?

I will be accessing your Soul’s Records located within the Akashic Records often referred to as the “Book of Life’. Contact me and request a free article explaining the records in further detail.