Spiritually-guided business owners want freedom with ease as they become more conscious in our not-so-conscious world. They desire to make a difference in the world and create purposeful abundance through their business. And they draw inspiration from a greater power even as they intuitively draw on the inner strength and natural gifts of their Divine Self.

The Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner provides the roadmap to achieve these principled goals. It is built on a framework of four “pillars”: Mindset, Beliefs, Purpose/Passion/Principles, and The Creative Process. The four pillars create the foundation for “The Spiritual Operating System” (SOS), a system that expands and supports your current business model.

In this article, we’ll explore Belief Systems and how they can limit or empower your prosperity so you can easily attain the freedom you yearn for.


What are your belief systems? Most of us can’t easily answer this question. But all it really takes to identify your belief systems is to take a broad look at your life. You don’t have to dig too deeply in your self-examination to determine past thinking, past behaviors, and past outcomes. What you might not realize is that your past – and the beliefs formed there – can also influence how you approach the future.

In their insightful book, The Vortex, Esther and Jerry Hicks suggest that while people tend to look ahead in their lives, we also “use past events – our beliefs – when anticipating and expecting the future.” This could be a tremendous advantage if your beliefs were strong and positive and empowering. Unfortunately, for too many of us, we are hamstrung by negativity and a tendency to dwell on past negative outcomes.


The Connection to Your Mindset

In the article on Pillar One of the Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner, I described the importance of Mindset. I described that while your mindset affects your ability to step into your “authentic power,” most of us are controlled by external power that manipulates and controls you from outside. Most important, I noted that it is through reconnecting with your true self, your unlimited self, your greater self – indeed, your Divine Presence – that you can begin to regain control of your life.

Unfortunately, a roadblock stands in our way…


Our False Self-Ego

Our ego operates from a limited point of view. This is because it cannot create anything new; instead, it merely draws from the past and projects outcomes into the future. The ego serves as a memory bank holding all the beliefs we have formed. It’s a natural – if often unhealthy – foundation for our belief system. Even those who are spiritually aware can too often listen to the limiting internal voice that bases its opinions on the external influence of the past. As a result, we draw even further inward. We become smaller and smaller as we “duck and cover” in order to play it safe. Sadly, this negative approach leads us to waste our time and our potential.


The Higher Self

The net result is that we are disconnected from our unlimited true self, the presence of God within us, our Divine Presence, for so long that we allow the false self-ego to direct our lives. This reliance on the negativity of the past overshadows our potential and keeps us from living a life of purpose and glorious possibility.

Although the ego keeps us identified with all the negative choices we have made, it is our higher self that will – if we let it – empower us with guidance and inspiration. Obviously, this is far different than what our reliance on the ego provides.


The Power of Beliefs

Moving forward, it’s important to recognize the true power of our beliefs. Simply put, our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, determine the life we live. Because of them, we project the past into the future – good or bad.

Remember this: Our belief system follows a path of cause and effect:

  1. Your beliefs determine your expectations
  2. Your expectations determine your attitude
  3. Your attitude determines your behavior
  4. Your behavior becomes your life


Vibrational Energy 

Based on our beliefs, we send out a vibrational energy. This vibration is matched by similar ones coming back to us. For example, if you send out a vibration through a belief that says, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m always broke and never have enough,” then you will draw more of the same. This is because there is power in focus; in other words, we get back the same type of energy we focus on. This is called the Law of Attraction. But in truth, it should probably be called the Law of Attention because energy flows where attention goes.

Ultimately, your self-perception and your concept of the world around you are based on your energetic level. It is this level that determines what you attract and what gets reflected back to you. In short, your focused energy level determines your success. The higher your positive mindset frequency and belief system, the more positive energy you will have; and when your energy level is high, your level of consciousness will enable you to balance ALL areas of your life. You’ll be empowered to break through your limiting beliefs, your fears, and any other blocks that prevent you from living a more joyful and purposeful and abundant life.


The Bottom Line:

The Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner is built on a framework of four “pillars,” most of them positive and productive. But the pillar of a limiting self-ego-driven belief system can derail your efforts to achieve prosperity if you let it. It doesn’t have to be that way. Just think what it would be like instead to elevate your energy level past anger, worry, fear, self-doubt, hatred, resentment, greed, and victimization. Imagine what it would feel like to lead a life filled with inner peace and outer success.

To learn more about how to accentuate your belief system by recognizing and rejecting the negative energy of the false self-ego, or to further explore how the Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner can empower you to activate your prosperity and easily attain the freedom you yearn for, contact me at 405.773.9139 or email me at [email protected]. If you’d like to find out how aligned your business is with your natural soul’s gifts and talents, click here to get your free Energetic Analysis.


Susan Prescott

Business Intuitive, Facilitator, Mentor, Guide, and Certified Coach


About Susan and Optimal Outcomes:

In 2001, Susan created Optimal Outcomes to help others activate their prosperity and live with purpose and abundance. Throughout her professional career, as she made strides in her own journey, she discovered many of her clients yearned for something more in their lives, too. Something meaningful. Something fulfilling. Something rewarding, both personally and financially.

That’s what Optimal Outcomes is all about: helping you discover and utilize your unique soul gifts and talents to enhance everyday life and empower your business success. Susan’s Path to Freedom for the Spiritually-guided Business Owner makes this possible by activating the Four Pillars that can set you on a life-changing and prosperous path.