One of the greatest advantages any of us can have in life is a sense of confidence. Being confident helps with every area of life and plays a major role in our getting the career, relationships, friends and happiness we seek.

Some people seem to have been born with a healthy amount of confidence. However, many have to work at building and maintaining the level of confidence needed to enjoy a successful life. But whether high or low, the amount of confidence anyone has in life is closely tied to their level of self- esteem.

For, having a realistic and appreciative opinion of ourselves and our abilities is the foundation upon which we build not only our confidence, but every success we come to enjoy in life. It is only when we are able to see exactly who we are and where both our strengths and our weaknesses lie, that we are able to feel good about ourselves.

Healthy self-esteem holds steady, it doesn’t lead to overconfidence or complacency. Instead it gives you the strength to keep trying when obstacles appear and is a strong motivator to work hard enough to succeed at whatever goals you set for yourself.

No matter where someone lives or their cultural background, the need for them to have a healthy self-esteem is universal. Studies have shown that the importance self-esteem plays in achieving happiness and good mental health is as true in Asia and the Middle East as it is in western cultures.

And having a healthy self-esteem is based on three major factors: being convinced of our unconditional worth; having an unconditional love for ourselves; and being open to constant growth.

A Sense of Unconditional Worth

When we know that no matter what happens in life our worth as humans is undeniable, we have no need or reason to judge ourselves or others. We further have no need to compare ourselves to others and no reason to compete with them based on external values and factors. An unconditional sense of our own worth allows us to value our own innate capacities and to see the many ways we contribute to the well-being of ourselves and others.

An Unconditional Love for Ourselves

Loving ourselves and being loved by others helps us to recognize our worth, to find satisfaction in our various activities and achievements and to enjoy our lives. Unconditional love for ourselves is easier when others have showered us with it since we were born. However, even those who weren’t blessed with parents capable of giving and showing unconditional love can learn to give unconditional love to themselves and to others.

Being Open to Constant Growth

Although learning and growing doesn’t change our intrinsic worth, it does provide us with a constant sense of satisfaction. We all feel better about ourselves when we learn, develop, grow, and live constructively.

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